"I don't know why people say Naya is too skinny. She's the same pocket sized woman from s1. I think it depends on the type of clothing more than anything. She looks healthy to me and happier than ever. People should just enjoy her, I know I do thanks to your flawless coverage. Thumbs up mate!" by Anonymous

Because she gained weight in s2-s3 and had a chubbier face/fuller body and now she looks almost like she did in s1, which is not a bad thing. She does look healthy and she most likely is; she’s just been working out and according to her tweets she’s doing a gluten free diet. Some people just loooove to shame women for their bodies and they don’t realize how much of an asshole move that is. Saying, “She needs a sandwhich” or “Eat a burger” is disgusting and this fandom needs to not. 

Naya looks perfect imo and what some of them don’t understand is that in hollywood, sadly, to get roles, you need to have a specific type of body because otherwise you will just not get hired. Naya has tried really hard to become someone and have steady work, and she’s come a long way, so. I mean, as long as she’s losing weight healthily I don’t see why any of her so called “fans” should be worried lol. She still has a banging ass and perfect boobs, so!!

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